this whole thing is strangely ironic to me. 

because i thought the worst days,

would be cloudy and grey,

and i would be surrounded by the pathetic fallacy. 

however, i was oddly mistaken. 

it’s when i’m driving alone, 

the sun cascading down from the sky,

warming me from the inside out

and there is a happy country tune

that sings about whiskey and running barefoot.

those are the moments when i feel my heart seize up,

as if the pressure of breathing to sing along

is too much to handle. 

this is when the sadness begins to creep up on me.

i get all nostalgic over times that never even happened yet.

because i was certain that once the winter ice had thawed,

we would evolve into something even better. 

unfortunately, when the first signs of spring began to sprout,

that is when  we let go.

but i am still looking on the bright side,

and when i say im fine - i am really just fine.

there will just always be this place in my mind,

where my hopes and dreams for us will dwell,

waiting to be dusted off, 

even though i know i will never re-visit them.

not physically anyways,

but when im driving alone,

and those songs vibrate throughout my car,

i’ll hold my breath before singing along,

because i’ll be too busy envisioning what we could’ve been,

what we could’ve done.

should’ve, would’ve, could’ve. 


And in that moment I swear I still didn’t give a shit

(Source: andrewbelami)